Trust, But Verify

Trust, But Verify

Doveryay, no proveryay is an old Russian proverb which Ronald Reagan used frequently when discussing relations with the Russians. It translates to “trust but verify” and was used to emphasize the extensive verification procedures both sides would take to monitor compliance with the 1987 INF treaty.

A similar approach must be taken with computer security. We can trust that our solutions are performing as expected, but it is critical that we verify BEFORE an issue occurs.

Check out the Tom Squared Tech Talk Podcast where the amazing Tom Jelneck and I discuss details of items to verify.

Backups are a great example of an area that requires verification. There are many times when a backup has been trusted to gather all necessary data but when a data loss occurs, it is discovered that the backup was not reliable, and data is permanently lost. To avoid this issue, you should test your backups monthly. Choose a file at random and rename it then try to restore the original file from backup. Don’t forget the 3-2-1 rule of backups!
**Important tip – choose a different file to restore each month to verify that all data is available.

Policies and procedures are another area that need verification. There should be a set of procedures for every task that you and your employees perform. Sending an invoice is a good example of a procedure that should be documented. By documenting your procedures, it is easy to cross-train current staff or ramp up new employees.
**Important tip – create a policy to schedule a review of your procedures to verify that the instructions are current.

Updates also require verification. Hardware and software updates are critical to ensuring that there are no security holes in your system. We often trust that our solutions are automatically updating, but there are times when they are not accomplishing the task on their own. Create a schedule to check and ensure that your system is up to date.
**Important tip – check third party software such as antivirus to verify that they are all up-to-date.

It is important to verify that your systems are performing as they should before an incident occurs. By doing so, you will minimize downtime and prevent data loss.


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