Preparing to Change Your IT Support? Read This First!

Preparing to Change Your IT Support? Read This First!

IT happens, pun intended… there comes a time when we are forced to change our IT support. may be that an employee must be released, or the IT support company being used is not fulfilling your requirements.

The question that comes to mind is, can this change cause harm to our organization. The answer is yes, unless you prepare. Tom Jelneck and I recently discussed this on our T2 Podcast.

When someone is released unexpectedly, there are possibilities that they will become angry and try to cause disruption of services. For that reason, it is important that you prepare yourself and your organization prior to the change.

Here is a good checklist to start with:

Identify Service Accounts
o Phone Service Provider,
o Internet Service Provider,
o Cloud-based Solutions.

Hardware Support
o Servers,
o Router,
o Firewall,
o Switches,
o Workstations,
o Backup Devices.

Software Support Details
o Windows Server (version number)
o Backup,
o Microsoft Exchange,
o Any third-party software in use by the company (QuickBooks, AutoCAD, etc.),
o Antivirus,
o Antimalware.

Extended Service Agreements or Warranty Information
o Copiers,
o Printers,
o Servers,
o Routers
o Firewalls,
o Switches,
o Workstations,
o Laptops,
o Tablets,
o Phones.

Software License Keys
o Server operating systems,
o Workstation operating systems,
o Tablet operating systems,
o Laptop operating systems,
o Third-Party software (e.g. QuickBooks, Photoshop, AutoCAD).

o Internet Service Provider,
o Phone Provider details,
o Website Hosting Provider details,
o Email Provider or “Administrator” logon credentials,
o Email Spam Filtering Provider,
o Backup Solution Information (Accompanying documentation is a critical addition to this point),
o Internet Registrar where your Domain Name information is managed (e.g. GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Wix, Registrar, etc.),
o Anti-virus Provider,
o Anti-malware Provider,
o Software Vendors (For both on premise and cloud-based solutions),
o Hardware Vendors,
o Hardware Key Locations (Some servers, racks and other hardware items have locking options),
o Hardware passwords (routers, firewalls, switches, servers, laptops, desktops,),
o Most Importantly, Server, firewall, router, and switch “Administrator” logon credentials.

Once you have gathered this data, make sure it works!
o Verify passwords (and associated test questions),
o Call vendors with support contracts to verify what names can access the accounts, remove as necessary,
o Verify Product Key Information,
o Verify hardware and software information with support vendor to verify what names can access the accounts, remove as necessary,
o Verify Service Account vendor access and verify what names can access the accounts, remove as necessary.

Plan to change all Administrator account passwords for all systems and all other known accounts such as misc. user accounts before releasing your current IT support. This will allow you to address any missing passwords immediately and not be left unable to access critical systems.


We at Advanced Systems Solutions have helped many organizations with a seamless transition of support. If you’re looking for a support company to ensure your data stays safe, with unmatched customer service, please contact us. We love to help!


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Disclaimer: The above information is not intended as technical advice. Additional facts or future developments may affect subjects contained herein. Seek the advice of an IT Professional before acting or relying on any information in this communiqué.

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