Cities and Counties Forced to Cope with Tax Breaks Changes

Cities and Counties Forced to Cope with Tax Breaks Changes

Florida legislation such as HJR 7105 and 7107, which passed last year, provides some homeowners with tax savings. This is great for taxpayers, but what does it mean for IT Departments in affected cities and counties?

Legislation related to homeowner exemptions has forecasters estimating losses of tax revenue to counties, cities and special taxing districts of between $500 to $750 million.

According to the Florida Association of Counties, Miami-Dade will lose $76 million a year in property tax revenue. Barbara Sharief, the Mayor of Broward, has stated that her county would lose $40 million a year with recently passed legislation. That’s equivalent to Broward County’s annual Parks Department budget.

As cities and counties grapple with the decision to raise the cost to local businesses or increase the millage rate, departmental budgets are being closely examined. Justification for keeping up with technology being is evaluated for the project’s long-term return on investment to the organization.

It is more important than ever for departments to find solutions that assist in working more efficiently and reduce costs. Consider the following before proposing your next project.

  1. Does this project align with the organizations Strategic Plan? The IT Strategic plan should be closely aligned with the organizations strategic plan.
  2. How will you measure success? Consider the current state and how that will be compared to the post-implementation environment. What was improved?
  3. Is your project manager and engineer the same person? Great engineers do not have the same attributes as great project managers. Consider this when communicating the potential success of the project.
  4. Will timelines be met? Read the scope of work carefully and ensure that you or your vendor have accounted for the unique challenges of your organization when forecasting dates for each phase of the project.
  5. Will this project create value for the organization? If the project will decrease the time it takes to complete user tasks, this is a great place to start calculating your ROI.
  6. What documentation will come from the project? Will it improve the DR or BC of the organization?
  7. Will this assist with other upcoming projects or add complexity? If you plan to implement solutions in the next, 3, 6, or 9 months you should consider how this will impact them.

Being able to answer these questions will help to ensure that your project is viable and beneficial to the organization. IT projects are often scrutinized and are even harder to justify when budgets are tight.


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