Create a Password Template to Make Changing Passwords a Breeze
Keeping your computer secure.

Create a Password Template to Make Changing Passwords a Breeze

Password management should be called change management as people really hate to change their passwords.

I was talking with some clients recently about creating a password policy and some were reluctant to create one because passwords are too difficult to remember when changed.

Use a password template to easily remember your password:

Set a Base Password

Use something as a base password that Includes a capital letter and a symbol, such as using the word computers – Computer$. Once you type your word 20 times it will be as easy to remember as breathing.

Fulfill Number Requirement

For the number requirement, let’s add the year – Computer$2018. This will satisfy any numerical requirements and will remind you change your passwords annually. (Please change them yearly at the very least)

Make it Unique

Now, add the first two letters you think of when you think about that company at the end of the password. This way, each password is unique. For this example, Microsoft would be Computer$2018MS. Yahoo could be Computer$2018YA.

Change the Template for Credit Related Accounts

Most importantly your financial passwords should never be the same as your social media passwords. I use my favorite car for those passwords, the Plymouth Barracuda. For this example, my Bank of America password would then be Barracud@2018BA.

By creating a structured approach, password changes will become smooth to implement and provide you with lasting security benefits.


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